Rules as of the November/December 2010 season

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Rules as of the November/December 2010 season

Post  Elexious on Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:56 am

These are the rules as they stand now.

To sign up go to the Eudemonia register during League time and add your name, email address to the sign-up sheet and pay $5 to the register. Each Wednesday starting from 5pm the League will meet for games. Just come in, join a game and make sure your points are recorded.

To play in the Eudemonia EDH League, you must have a legal Elder Dragon Highlander (commander) deck. Please keep up to date on rules changes and bans. You can find the latest rulings on . The only additional house ruling is that Relentless Rats’ ability will work.Throughout the League you will compete for points. The highest point total at the end gain prizes relative to the amount of players that join the League. Your top 10 games will count for full points while your points outside your top 10 games will be cut in half (rounded down). Keep track of points using 1 pod sheet per game. Do not use the same pod sheet for multiple games, or multiple pod sheets for the same game.

Survival: +2 points for witnessing a player leave the game. If you and another player lose the game or otherwise leave the game simultaneously neither gets points because neither is still in play. You gain +3 points instead if that player conceded. (losing the game due to your own cards does not count as conceding)

Aggression: +2 points each time you cause an opponent to lose the game, +1 point for causing an opponent to lose the game through combat damage, and +2 if it’s General damage. This does mean that if you cause an opponent to lose the game using General damage you will receive a total of +5 Aggression points. If a source you control would cause you to lose the game you gain the Aggression points but not the Survival points. Redirecting or otherwise changing a source that causes a player to lose the game causes the original controller of the source to gain Aggression points, this counts in cases like Mindslaver and Backlash. A player claims a milling win if they caused the player to draw when they could not or mill/draw the last card in their library.

Sportsmanship: At the game either by winning or losing the game you must award Sportsmanship points equal to the number of your opponents to any number of opponents distributed in any way. (Whole numbers only) You may not award yourself Sportsmanship points. If you fail to award your points they are retroactively awarded evenly to each of your opponents.

The League offers 1 free Partial Paris Mulligan. Before you Mulligan you may set aside any number of cards from your hand and then draw that many cards, then shuffle the cards set aside this way back into your library. After that, mulligan as you normally would.

Before a game starts when Generals are revealed you may then exchange cards from your 10 card sideboard. Effects referring to cards “outside the game”, like Wishes, can only target your sideboard. Between games you may change your deck and sideboard

Pod sheets, scratch paper for keeping track of life, pens and counters are all provided. Tallied pod sheets will be available for review upon request each Wednesday.

For feedback or questions email me at or post on the League forum at


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