Rule changes propsitions

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Rule changes propsitions

Post  Elexious on Tue Dec 07, 2010 11:26 am

So far I think that Kevin's rules scoring site is working out well and that it opens possibilities to fix some problems with how the league is scored.

From the beginning the main problem is how to keep the scores fair while still encouraging people to play.

With just paper as the technology it was a choice of valuing your mean score or your point total and total was chosen to encourage players to play as much as possible.

With an automatic scoring system its very possible to take the mean or total of your top scores (likely the top 10 or 20) and rank players that way. This eliminates the advantage of playing early and often and awards top scoring and better players.

The second change I'm proposing is to reward more players. as seen here awards can be tracked such as The most Sportsmanship points and top game average. At the moment only 4 players get rewarded and to attract more participation and potential strange plays I want to extend that to 8. The top 4 scores, The high scorer, high average, most players killed, and the most games played. This does mean reducing the amount awarded to the top 4 and splitting the remaining among the four extra awards. how this splits up is up for discussion.


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