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Alex's Trades

Post  Elexious on Tue Jan 11, 2011 10:00 pm

Hey guys I'm looking for this stuff. Some of it is common or uncommon and since I only have a small box of commons and uncommons I can bring that for trade if anyone is interested.

Darksteel Forge

Sphinx of the Steel Wind

Inkwell Leviathan


Darksteel Colossus

Hanna's Custody

*Rings of Brighthearth*

Enlightened Tutor

Argivian Restoration

Lumengrid Sentinel

Blinkmoth Infusion


Solemn Simulacrum

Academy Ruins

Roar of Reclamation

Voltaic Construct

Triangle of War

Blasting Station

Lotus Bloom

Wayfarer's Bauble


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